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Art Samadhi

Techno / Dark Psy (Live Act + Dj set)

                  Art Samadhi from South Korea is founder as well as Dj/ Producer of this Record Label. ​​


      Even though  being from south Korea she went to study at Sydney, Australia 1998 then to New Zealand. Since then she got introduced with Underground Electro-Trance-House-Techno music. She experienced awakening and got call from Goa Psytrance in 2009. She then experienced many Psytrance Party's in Goa and Underground Mountain Madness Festival,"Universal Religion" in Nepal.  After those events in 2010 she went to Ozora and Transylvania Calling festival than experienced Swedish Forest Psy Tribe and helped organizing Solistic Gathering in Sweden. After the success of Solistic gathering she went to help and experience Norway Forest Gathering. ​

After the experiences she had an urge to explore Indigenous Shamanism and South American Culture, so she traveled alone to Amazon rain forest in Iquitos-Peru and stayed at Ayahuasca Retreat Center and practiced Shamanism with Shipibo Tribe. Then she went to Alto Paraiso-Brazil, to visit biggest Ayahuasca Community and Eco-Villages which organize Psytrance Festival and Rainbow Gathering with Brazilian Indigenous Tribe. ​

After staying two years at Brazil she went back to Korea and practiced Six months of Vipasana, then she flew back to Colombia and continue work with plant medicine and shamanic culture of northern Colombia. She also kept continuous involvement by mixing Psychedelic music in party's, gathering and festivals at Santa Martha-Colombia, than in 2016 she went to Thailand and started to produce her own tunes. After that she traveled back to Goa than Nepal and helped festival such as Green Gathering, High Mountain Gathering and many other Underground party's in Nepal.

​ She produces and plays Shamanic, Ambient, Minimal techno and Dark Forest Psytrance music driving you into deep meditative state or make you dance in Ecstasy.

To see her previous works and info please click into following link bellow.

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