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Bom Pom- Rousing

"Rousing" the first album from Bom Pom is an Ambient, Psychill to Prog. chill comic album. The album was first officially released independently on Nov. 23 2018 and now being Re-Released from Digital Nomad Records. This album consists of Seven non-vocal tracks that is expressing a story of the lost fictional being that is awakening.

About the Tracks:

-Eternal is first track from the album and it's about the state when one is pure and unknown, mentally as well as spiritually. The feeling of Eternal.

-Euphoric imagination is second track of the album, and is about the imaginations beyond physical realities.

-Sensitive State is third track from the album. As things get real and frice the one gets sensitive.


-Stressed is the fourth track from the album. As things are not as imagined, the one gets drowsy and stressed. The sounds are in pattern of High Mountain shamanic drum beat, as in the state of stress we all become some one else.


-Lost is the fifth track from the album. The one is Lost....... Prog.

-Steps is the sixth track from the album. After getting lost and observing the visions came and is on the glitchy steps towards the light after being lost. Exp, Prog.

-Light is the seventh and last track from the album. It's about the expression of self after knowing about self and fake reality. Back to home. Back to The Light.