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The fourth release from Digital Nomad Records- "ENTHEOGENS" is second album from Art Samadhi & Bom Pom, which represents it self as a musical diary sharing the knowledge, experience and insights from & of natural Entheogenic Brews consumed all across the globe since ages.

The album consists of Six audio mixed tracks ranging from Full on Night, DarkPsy, Hitech and Hitech-Core Psytrance.

About the Tracks:

- DMT-The Portal" is first track from the album. The Track is Full on night Psytrance and describes about the characteristic of the Spirit Molecule DMT.


- "Ayahuasca" is the second track from the album. The track is DarkPsy and explains the nature of the sacred brew that has been consumed since centuries by indigenous people living in Amazon Rain Forest.


- "Mushroom" is the third track from the album. The Track is DarkPsy and expresses the true nature of Psilocybin/ Magic Mushrooms.


- "Solanaceae(Dhatura)", is the fourth track from the album. The track is DarkPsy/ Hitech Psytrance and shares information as well as the experience about the Sacred Entheogen Solanaceae(Dhatura).


- "The Calling of Angels Trumpet", is the fifth track from the album. The track is Hitech Psytrance and expresses the feeling of being called and watched by the spirit of the Entheogenic Flower (Angels Trumpet) during the Ceremony.


- "Further Dimensions" is the sixth and final track from the Album. The Track is Hitech-Core PsyTrance sharing the feeling of being in Further Dimensions.

Hope you'll enjoy the music and be benefited from the insight and knowledge from there.


With kind regards.

Digital Nomad Records


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