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Art Samadhi &Bom Pom- Path Of Freedom (Conspiracy III)

Updated: 5 days ago

The Path of Freedom is the third phase of album Conspiracy where the boy awakes from the ceremony leading him to the adventurers to the self. The album consists of 9 tracks beginning from full on night, darkpsy, hitech to PsyCore psytrance. About the Tracks: -Art Samadhi & Bom Pom- Awakening with the Forest Dweller: After the ceremony the boy awakes in the Ayahuasca ceremony & finds himself in between the forest dwellers. -Art Samadhi & Bom Pom- Introduction: The head of the tribe introduces herself. -Art Samadhi & Bom Pom- Madre Medicna: For his curiosity the Forest Dwellers tell him what it was that he drink. -Art Samadhi & Bom Pom- Knowing a Shaman : The forest dwellers introduce him to the character and nature of a shaman, and show him the way towards the mountains where he begins a new voyage. -Art Smadhi & Bom Pom- 3rd Eye Enlightenment: Walking on the ridges of the mountains suddenly he feels the divine connection with the cosmos understanding the phenomena of all sources and life, thus being enlightened. -Art Samadhi & Bom Pom- Snow Leopard: On the mountains he encounters a snow leopard who guides him to a Monastery where he meets the monks. -Art Samdhi & Bom Pom- Oracles magic weapon : In the monastery the monks introduce him to the Oracle who has been waiting for him. -Art Samadhi & Bom Pom- Rainbow Body: The Oracle teaches him the practice of Vajrayana setting him on a passage to attain a Rainbow Body. -Art Samadhi & Bom Pom- Path of Freedom: Practicing the teachings, he finds the path to the self. A path of the freedom.

-:The tracks are available in following platforms bellow. -Website: https://www.digitalnomadrecords.com/new-pageart-samadhi-bom…

-BandCamp: https://digitalnomadrecords.bandcamp.com/…/art-samadhi-bom-…

-Youtube: https://youtu.be/4SvYuogVgGo

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