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Tales of the Jungle Spirit

"Tales of the Jungle Spirit" is a five track non-vocal Full on night to Dark Psy Comic Psytrance Album by Mäshrum, portraying the Nomad Culture and their ancient gossips, wisdom as well as connection with nature.


The tracks range from 155-160 Bpm evoking the wild beast in you to rage out on the floor or go to a deep inner journey.

About the Tracks:

-Nomad's: "Nomad's" is the first as well as tribute track to all the modern Nomads and how the Nomad culture has been transformed and following for us to celebrate the joy of life and freedom.

-Shaman's rite: "Shaman's rite", is the second track from the album where a Shaman is performing a ritual for the nomads to connect to the Spirit world.

-Invisible materia: "Invisible materia", is the third track from the album where after the Shaman's rite the spirit of the Jungle becomes detectable to the Nomads.

-No War: "No War", is the forth track from the album where the jungle spirit communicates with the Nomads through the Shaman, giving them sight and wisdom of why we need no war and bring peace to all beings.

-Tales of Jungle Spirit: "Tales of jungle spirit is the fifth and last track from the album where the Spirit of the Jungle shares the tales to the Nomads with pure joy and love.

And all the Nomads lived happily ever in the Jungle.